Grey and golden plovers

Juvenile golden plovers (svenska: ljungpipare) and grey plovers (kustpipare) can be quite difficult to distinguish from each other. This also holds for adults in winter. Here is first a juvenile golden plover at Morups Tånge, Halland on September 5, 2013. Then two young grey plovers at the same location on September 19.

Yes, the golden plover deserves it name! But in the shadow it, too, is rather greyish. To help distinguish them, the golden has a more slender bill than the grey plover. Also, the golden seems to be happy on land while the two grey prefer the water. None of the birds are very talkative in these recordings but if you look and listen carefully you can see and hear the grey plovers communicating at one occasion.

Camera: Canon XL-H1A with Canon FD 100-300 mm lens. Sound: Telinga parabole and mic.

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