African evening in Hålanda

The Hålanda church choir and the musical Imberg family with friends sing (mostly) African songs in the church of Hålanda, 13 October 2013, 5-6 PM.

Conductors: Henrik Imberg, Markus Imberg. Instrumentalists: Jakob Imberg (guitar), Fredrik Hermansson (piano), Gabriel Hellman (violin), Rikard Ferreira (percussion), David Wesley (percussion). The Imberg family: Rune, Katrina, Johannes, Markus, Olivia, Jakob, Viktoria, Henrik, Ida, Anna, David, Sara, Maria.

Camera: Helge Malmgren with Canon XH-A1s (fixed) and XL-H1A, sound: inbuilt XL-H1A stereo microphone. The image quality varies but the sound should be OK.

The file is very large (almost 1,5 Gb). If download is slow, you can hit the Pause button while the film is playing and wait for more of it to be downloaded. Note that Quicktime (inbuilt on Mac, downloadable for PC) is needed to play the movie.

Or, go to the Youtube version that has the same sound and loads much faster, but does not have quite the same film quality.

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