Bluethroat concertino

Bluethroat performing. Sv: Blåhake. Storådörren, Sweden, June 9 (?) 2012. Beside the bluethroat's many imitations and other more or less peculiar sounds (including the bubbling starting at 1'9") you can hear a cuckoo, (very faintly) a willow warbler and a reed bunting, and finally (more close) some mosquitos.

Canon XL-H1A with Canon FD 100-300 mm, effective focal length 2.100 mm. As you can see it was difficult (as usual) to spot the singing bird with the viewfinder, and difficult to keep track of him when he moved. But I kept the blurry images since the focus of this movie is on his voice. Sound: Telinga Pro 5 parabole with stereo DAT mic, recorded on the camera tape. The loud "noise" comes from the nearby stream. For a sonogram, see Mastersingers, Blue bubbles sonogram, and for both: Blue bubbles with sonogram.

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