Isak Struck and band

This is a selection (around half) from a concert with Isak Struck and his band at Hängmattan, Göteborg, on November 14, 2013. Musicians: Christian Kullberg (bass), Kalle Ruuth (guitar), Calle af Ekenstam (drums), Jonas Parsmo (organ) and David Törnebäck (piano). Sound: Only camera (XL-H1A). Behind the cameras: Helge Malmgren and Kristoffer Struck.

When you have clicked Click to play, it is best to wait until the movie starts by itself. The file is over 1 Gb and will take some time to load if you do not have a fast Internet connection.

Here are links to the individual pieces, they will of course load quicker:
Härifrån Längesen Regn av stjärnor Världen e sne Medicinman Lätt framåt vägen

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