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More birds, and other flying friends

On this page I have collected, and will collect, movie clips of other birds than the mastersingers and those filmed in the Lunndörren project. But you will also find butterflies, moths and hornets here – no rarities, just for joy.

More birds


Grey wagtail (forsärla), shore of Lake Geneva, early January 2011. Camera: Canon HV-20, freehand.

Red-crested pochard (rödhuvad dykand), Geneva, January 2011. See also below (2013)!


Here is a family of Eurasian Hobby falcons (lärkfalk). 14 August 2012, somewhere in Ale county, Western Sweden. Camera: First sequences Canon XH-A1s, then XL-H1A with Canon FD 100-300 lens, Telinga Pro V mic with parabole. See also below (2014)!

Short-eared owl (jorduggla). On the evening of August 14, 2012, a shorted eared owl kindly chose to hunt near our house in Hålanda. I used the XL-H1A and a 100-300 mm Canon FD lens to capture the feeling of its flight. Some digital zoom was added to the first part.


White stork (vit stork), Hålanda, May 28, 2013.

1 June 2013: An evening at Morup's Tånge, Halland at the Swedish West Coast. The pied avocet (svenska: skärfläcka) plays a leading role in the little movie. So does an anxious northern lapwing (topsvipa). You can also see for example common redshank (rödbena), a couple of common shelducks (gravand) demonstrating their own special rituals, and many Eurasian oystercatchers (strandskata). Note in the third of the oystercatcher clips how he/she rinses the sandworms in water before eating them! Also, one European golden plover (ljungpipare) and a few late migrants: two dunlins (kärrsnäppa) and one little stint (småsnäppa).

Great plover (större strandpipare) bathing at the West coast of Öland, early June 2013.

Red-crested pochard (rödhuvad dykand), Glanäs, Lake Tåkern, Östergötland, 16 June 2013.

Spotted redshanks (svartsnäppor) resting at Glanäs, Lake Tåkern, 16 June 2013.

Osprey at Lake Hornborga, July 16 and 19, 2013.

Bar-tailed godwits (myrspovar), Morup, Halland, 24 July 2013.

Little terns (småsnäppor), Morup, Halland, 25 July 2013.

Redshank family (rödbenor), Morup, Halland, 25 July 2013.

Kestrel family (tornfalksfamilj), Hålanda, 28 July 2013.

Feeding European siskins (grönsiskor), Hålanda, 28 July 2013.

Barnacle geese (vitkindade gäss), Galtabäck, Halland, 12 Sept 2013.

Golden and grey plovers (ljungpipare och kustpipare), Morup, Halland, September 5 and 18, 2013.


Young hobby falcon (lärkfalk), Ale county, Västergötland, August 15 2014.


26 May 2015: A little flock of broad-billed sandpipers (myrsnäppa, Limicola falcinellus) at Morups Tånge, Halland.

12 June 2015: A group of pied avocets (Recurvirostra avosetta, skärfläcka) feeding and quarrelling in a stretch of shallow water at Morups Tånge, Halland. Canon XL-H1A with standard lens; in principle this is a continuous recording but some short parts of the movie had to be cut out. Sound: Telinga Pro V with Stereo DAT mic, no filter applied.

For another avocet recording from the same day see

14 July 2015: A common redshank (rödbena, Tringa totanus), obviously used to people, is the main character in this sequence from Hornborgasjön.

14 July 2015: A small artficial wetland not far from Hornborgasjön turs out to be the home of beauty. After the graphical Eurasian coat (sothöna, Fulica atra), the exotic-looking Horned Grebe (svarthakedopping, Podiceps auritus) appears, busy feeding its young. Which is not always easy...

27 July 2015: A family of Red-backed shrikes (törnskata, Lanius collurio) in our garden in Hålanda.

3 November 2015: A "murmuration of starlings". Very large flocks of starlings have been called "murmurations of starlings", and here is indeed a murmur! In the evening of November 3, 2015, hundreds of thousands of starling are seeking night quartier in  treetops near the Tiber (Rome), including some in the garden of Villa Farnesina. There is no big thought behind the film composition; the sub-scenes simply follow one in their correct order of time. The movie in full HD (1080p). Camera: Panasonic GH4, sound: Telinga Pro V parabole with Stereo DAT mic.

Other flying friends

Pine hawk-moth (Spinx pinastri, Swedish: tallsvärmare). Hålanda, July 2, 2010

Peacock butterfly (Vanessa io, Swedish: påfågelöga). Hålanda, July 19, 2011

What is a meadow worth (Steninge, Halland, August 15, 2011)

Red admiral (Vanessa atalanta, Swedish: amiral. Steninge, Halland, August 15, 2011)

August–October 2011: Hornets (Vespa crabo, Swedish: bålgeting) at their nest in Steninge, Halland. Three occasions in August through October 2011. Hornets are becoming more and more rare because people are so afraid of them. But their sting is not more poisonous than that of an ordinary wasp, and they are much less aggressive than wasps. I filmed them for hours at a distance of around one meter, and they did not bother about me!

September 2013: Another bee movie. A few glimpses of "our" honeybees in Båljen, Hålanda. There are also a few bumblebees (humlor) and many hoverflies (blomflugor) to be seen. It is in September (2013) and among the only sources of nectar left are the red or yellow Helenium (Swedish: solbrud) and the Centaurea scabiosa (väddklint). The buckthorne (havtorn) belongs to the few shrubs and trees that the bees do not pollinate (it is wind pollinated). But the bees just love buckthorne jam. – Camera: Canon XL-H1A with original 20x zoom lens.

Hunting hornet. A hornet (bålgeting) hunting hover flies among peppermint flowers. Hålanda, August 10, 2014.

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