Bach in concert

The church choirs from Hålanda and Skepplanda together with the New Motett Ensemble (Nya Motettensemblen) sing Bach chorals in the church of Skepplanda on March 25, 2012. The selection from the concert starts with Swedish Psalm #231.

Conductor: Peter Corneliusson. Instrumentalists: Ingela Ekström, organ; Cecilia and Torbjörn Luther, violin; Ylva Wåhlstedt, viola; Mats Lindberg, cello; Mats Larsson, contrabass; Pierre Torwald, trumpet; Sören Runsteen, oboe.

Camera: Helge Malmgren with Canon XH-A1s and XL-H1A, sound: inbuilt XL-H1A stereo microphone.

The file is large (> 600 mb). If download is slow, you can hit the Pause button while the film is playing and wait for more of it to be downloaded. Note that Quicktime (inbuilt on Mac, downloadable for PC) is needed to play the movie.

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