Inlärning och minne i neurala nätverk

This is the only comprehensive textbook in Swedish on neural networks and came out in 2007. The publisher (Studentlitteratur) does not supply it any more but it can be ordered from the author for SEK 150 (plus shipping and, for Swedish customers, tax). Order via e-mail to Helge Malmgren.

Organisk Psykiatri
Teoretiska och kliniska aspekter

The book Organisk Psykiatri (Organic Psychiatry), which was published in Swedish in 1990, is a result of many years of cooperation between a neuropsychiatrist (Göran Lindqvist) and a philosopher who is himself an MD (Helge Malmgren).

Brain injuries and diseases may give rise to mental symptoms because of which is the patient is referred to a psychiatrist for diagnosis and/or treatment. To judge the interplay between organic and psychological factors in these cases, to make a meaningful diagnosis, to prognosticise a probable future course and to choose the best treatment is often a demanding task.

 In the book Organisk Psykiatri a theory is presented about the nature of organic mental disturbances. A new diagnostic system is described which is based on this theory and on a wealth of clinical data. The epistemological questions about the interrelations between body and mind are given much attention, as are the semantic problems about the nature of scientific concepts. The book is mainly intended for psychiatrists, neurologists and psychologists but should be useful for anyone who is interested in the workings of the brain and of questions in the philosophy of science.

The journal of the Swedish Medical Association (Läkartidningen) wrote: This book is so original and worth reading that it has its given place in all psychiatric and neurologic education, whether basic or advanced.

The book (which, note, is in Swedish) can be ordered from the author for SEK 300 (plus shipping and, for Swedish customers, tax). Order via e-mail to Helge Malmgren.

Classification and Diagnosis of Organic Mental Disorders

An English summary of the above work, Organisk Psykiatri (by Göran Lindqvist and Helge Malmgren), forms the first chapter of this 1993 Supplement to Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. We also report an empirical trial of our diagnostic system in a series of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH). The last two chapters are, respectively, a semantic analysis of the concepts used in DSM-III and a philosophical essay on concept formation in psychiatry.

The booklet can be ordered (price: SEK 60 plus shipping and, for Swedish customers, tax) by e-mail to Helge Malmgren.

Medicinsk Etik. En socialfilosofisk analys


I denna bok, som kom ut 1990 på Almqvist & Wiksells förlag i Stockholm, analyserar Helge Malmgren den medicinska etikens filosofiska grunder och diskuterar ett antal tillämpningar av etiska principer på beslutssituationer i vården. Särskilt uppmärksammas etiska frågeställningar i samband med sjukvårdsekonomiska och sjukvårdspolitiska beslut: skall sjukvården huvudsakligen vara privat eller offentlig? är marknadsekonomiska incitament förenliga med godtagbara etiska principer i vården? etcetera.

Restupplagan av boken Medicinsk Etik distribueras av Thales förlag. Den kan också beställas från författaren via e-mail för SEK 100 plus moms och frakt.