Instructions for ordering and downloading HyperHermann

1. Download the order form and send it in by fax or regular mail.
As soon as I have received the order form, I will e-mail you a password for downloading HyperHermann. (You may also choose to have the installer files sent to you on a CD.)

2. If you want to pay with a money order, include it with the order form. The fee is USD 80; EC citizens without a VAT registration number: add 25% VAT.

If you instead want to pay with your credit card through PayPal, here is the place to do it:

Please don't pay by credit card until I have received the order form and confirmed that you have been accepted as a buyer.

3. Download of the installer, and installation of HyperHermann, differs slightly between MacOS and Windows:
3a. MacOS  (HyperHermann 1.2.2, requires MacOS 7.0 or higher): 

Download the Stuffit archive HH.sit.hqx. Unstuff the archive. Print and read the file Read me first 1.2.3.Then double-click the file HyperHermann Installer. The program and the manuals (Swedish and English) will be automatically installed in a new folder named HyperHermann 1.2 on your computer's hard drive.

3b. Windows (HyperHermann 1.4.2, requires Windows 95 or newer):
Download the .zip archive When you have unzipped the downloaded file, just double-click on HHSETUP.EXE to install the program. A folder named HyperHermann will be created on your computer's hard drive at a location which you can determine yourself. There you will find the executable file HH_Win95, which is the program HyperHermann itself.

The user's manuals are not installed automatically, but are freely downloadable as separate Word 97/2000 documents:


HH_14esp.doc (Spanish)

It is recommended that you read the manual before installation.

4. Start HyperHermann. A dialogue will appear which prompts you to e-mail me a certain code. You will get a password in return which enables you to run the program. Keep the password, it will be required every time you open the program.

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