The Classical Rorschach

These pages are devoted to the presentation and promotion of the Rorschach method, concentrating on the way it has been practiced within the classical European tradition - from Hermann Rorschach himself in 1921, via Ewald Bohm in the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, and to the contemporary workers in the Rorschach-Bohm tradition. You can here find basic information about Hermann Rorschach, about the different Rorschach traditions and the essential differences between them, and about the current scientific debate on the Rorschach test. There are also some links to other Web pages devoted to the Rorschach method.

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The picture of Hermann Rorschach on this page is from H. Ellenberger, The Discovery of the Unconscious (Basic Books 1970). Reproduced with kind permission from Institut Henri Ellenberger, Paris.


    Who was Hermann Rorschach?    

    The Rorschach traditions   

    The European way    

    American schools - from Klopfer to Exner   

Differences and controversies    

    R-PAS and other recent developments   

    Using the Rorschach method in patients with brain damage   

    Theoretical issues: Perceptual and cognitive processes in the Rorschach    

    Full texts and downloadable Rorschach stuff    

    Special report: Memories from the 5th ERA Congress

    (To appear!) Memories from the 22d IRS congress


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