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On these pages I present a number of ongoing documentary sound & picture projects – some serious, some just for fun. The first and the two last of the projects have been pursued in cooperation with the University of Gothenburg. Contentwise too, these three surely deserve the name "Philosophical Films". But so do several of the others to some extent – at least that is my intention.

Many movie clips that illustrate the projects were filmed with a tape-based Canon HV-20, HV-40, XH-A1s or XL-H1A camera. For birds, I have often added a Canon FD(L) 100-300 zoom lens to the XL-H1A, which gives it an equivalent focal length of up to some 2.100 mm. Many thanks to Toshikazu Muramatsu, Nagoya, Japan, for finding this excellent lens! Recently (October 2015), I started filming with a micro 4/3 DSLR camera, the Panasonic GH4. For birding purposes, an Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 50-200 lens with a 2x teleadapter is added, resulting in an equivalent focal length of up to 1.600 mm. Again, my friend Toshikazu helped me find this one.

The sounds of the Mastersingers were (if not otherwise stated) captured using a Telinga Pro V
with a stereo DAT microphone, and were recorded on a Sony mini-disk or Zoom H2 (now H2n) digital recorder. The Telinga parabole has also been used together with the XL-H1A, XH-A1s or GH4 and the sound recorded directly on the HDV tape/on the memory card. Ingvar Johansson at JOPRO, Alafors helped me construct and build a special tripod mount that hosts both the camera and the parabolic mic (and more).

Lars Karlsson, who is a professional where I will always be an enthusiastic amateur, kindly gave my many good beginner's advices. Without the generous help, criticism and support
that Torgny Nordin has provided and continues to provide, most of my work would just not have been possible. Since early 2013 I am an associate member of Naturfilmarna, something that of course is of great help in my projects. Finally, Daniel Ruhe's computer-related technical advices have often saved my day and I am very grateful for them.

Technical notes

I have recently started transferring most of the movies to Vimeo, beginning with those on the first page (Project Segelberg) and the two bird pages (Mastersingers and More birds). New movies are only added in Vimeo format. I am also replacing the old audio links with direct access to sound files using the HTML5 <audio> command. Please note:

0. Take care that the page is fully loaded before you run any of the sound files. Else, the browser may become confused.
1. Everything, both old and new stuff, works fine with Safari 9.03 under MacOSX 10.10.5.
2. Everything except the embedded Vimeo movies works with Safari 5.1.10 under MacOSX 10.6.8. Regrettably, this problem cannot be fixed. The older movie links (to exported Quicktime movies on my own site) work in this Safari version, but I am gradually replacing most of them with Vimeo movies.
3. Everything except the old audio links works with Firefox 44+ under MacOSX 10.10.5 and MacOSX 10.6.8, if Quicktime is activated. As mentioned, the old audio links are now being replaced by HTML5 <audio> code.
4. The same seems to hold for Firefox under Windows 7.
5. I do not know what works and what doesn't with other browsers and/or with other operative systems, and am happy for all feedback about this.

For all my Vimeo movies, see also https://vimeo.com/user48683831

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