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Last update: September 8, 2023

This site is in no sense under construction. As you probably know, Captain Mnemo has had a Web page for initiated people and cephalopods ever since he retired to his submerged existence in 1898. (It even happened from time to time that fishermen got unexplainable messages in their net, which made them feel that the waters were really binhexed).

However, the times are a-changin', and the page has recently been reconstructed.

On this page:
A short but personal biography of the captain
His scientific interests
His writings
Other products from Captain Mnemo's workshop 

Apple II Nostalgia Section (absent for the moment but may come back)

A relatively recent image of the Captain on the shore 

Biographical data for Helge Malmgren

Born in Valdemarsvik (on the Swedish Eastcoast) in 1945. B.A. in theoretical philosophy, mathematics and theoretical physics in 1963. Ph.D. in theoretical philosophy 1971. Took his M.D. in 1980 and worked as a psychiatrist during a couple of years in the 80's. Until 2012 professor in theoretical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg (a.k.a. Göteborg University), Sweden; now emeritus and doing research on thyroid disease.

The Captain has two nice children of 43 and 47 (girls of course) and through them three grandchildren: Ida, Viggo and Hedda. He is now sharing his landbased life in Hålanda with Lena, art teacher (recently retired) at the Rudolf Steiner School in Göteborg. Plus a varying number of cats (here is old Ludwig, who is now hunting mice in a better world, and here is the adventurous Rufus). The Captain's scarce spare time ashore is used, among other things, for bee-keeping and documentary video recordings. A propos better worlds and bees, he is also a member of Avaaz.

His scientific interests

These are broad – too broad, some say. First, first philosophy – that is, epistemology and metaphysics, especially the nature of mind and self-knowledge, and Moore's theory of knowledge. Then, the problem of intentionality and mental representation. Wittgenstein's theories about this. Then again, the mysteries of the brain – especially memory mechanisms and the nature of time consciousness. Memory disturbances due to brain damage. Other aspects of organic psychiatry. The etiology of schizophrenia. The interface between philosophy and psychiatry. The relations between perception and action, and (a related issue!) the Rorschach test – a wonderful Gestalt psychological experiment reflecting and illuminating the brain's workings. The emotional significance of music, and also of birdsong. Finally, true-to-life and truly artificial neural networks, including their use in the analysis of medical data, including CT and MR images of the brain.

Last but not least, Captain Mnemo was an ardent defender of The Modern Project long before it was so named. The link is under reconstruction.

His writings

Conveniently, most of them, and links to the downloadable stuff, can be found here: https://gup.ub.gu.se/publications/list?end_year=2023&person_id=62687&start_year=1970.

A few other downloadable files of limited interest, but in unlimited supply...

There are the following special offerings today:

• From Captain Mnemos early teachings about artificial neural networks emerged the HyperCard Perceptron. If you have HyperCard v. 2.2 or later on your Mac, download Perceptron.sit.hqx. If you do not have HyperCard v. 2.2 or later, instead download Perceptronapp.sit.hqx, which is a stand-alone application program. If you rather want to learn about the Hopfield network, download HyperHopfield.sit.hqx or HyperHopfieldapp.sit.hqx. All are binhexed Stuffit archives. If you don't have an old Mac running Classic, get one.

• From his concern about certain endangered species stems the ProDOS 8 utility, ProDesk (version 4.2). It comes in the form of two binhexed Shrinkit (TXT) archives, PP.4.2.SHK and PPBACK.4.2.SHK. For important unpacking instructions, download and read PP.UNPACK. If you don't have an Apple II, get one.

• Hrmmm, I almost forgot the Apple II GS version of the Perceptron. How shameful of me! Just download the binhexed GSShrinkit archive Perceptron.SHK, unpack it, and run it! (You need HyperCard GS for this. And if you don't have a Zip GS, get one.)

The Captain at his yearly visit on land (Sardinia, May 2009;
picture is ©Torgny Nordin):                                                 

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