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About this site *updated November 16, 2022*

Editing with FCP7 in the 2020s?


Project Segelberg *updated January 23, 2020*

Project Lunndörren *updated November 6, 2019*

Mastersingers *updated November 15, 2022*. Now a pure audio page.

Birds and birdsong on film *updated July 7, 2024*

Other flying friends *updated June 9, 2019*

Animal kids (or such in the making) *updated July 27, 2013*


Project Tile Drainage ("Täckdikar'n") *updated September 7, 2012*

Non-avian music *updated January 4, 2020*

Project Philosophy and Psychiatry *updated November 10, 2012*

The Brain's Networks  *updated December 14, 2017*

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